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Oxytocin Therapy at Begin Anew

Hormones control so much of our lives. Oxytocin plays an essential role in everything from intimacy, love, sexual enjoyment, bonding, childbirth, and many of the feelings that impact our daily lives. Our providers at Begin Anew want you to feel the closeness and health benefits of proper hormone balance by providing oxytocin therapy in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, & Martin County.

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What is Oxytocin?

Oxytocin is a chemical messenger that is produced naturally within the body. It is a key player in social bonding, social memory, love, and intimacy, which makes it especially beneficial for sexual well-being. As a result, oxytocin has been given the nickname "the love drug." Other names for Oxytocin include "the happiness hormone," "the snuggle molecule," "the trust hormone," and "the embrace hormone." In addition, oxytocin's ability to perform maternal duties before, during, and after childbirth makes it beneficial for reproduction as well.

With Oxytocin Therapy Jupiter couples that may be facing challenges in maintaining a sense of connection and closeness could find significant benefits.

Oxytocin Therapy in Jupiter, FL  Jupiter

Making the Connection

What are the benefits of Oxytocin Therapy?

The hormone oxytocin is crucial to many of the behaviors associated with a fulfilling life. It's released spontaneously during physical contact, like when hugging, kissing, or touching. Oxytocin is released in response to sexual stimulation (levels may rise dramatically in a new couple during the “honeymoon” phase). Oxytocin is also involved in maternal physiology, psychology, and behavior. At our practice in Jupiter Oxytocin Therapy is designed to harness these powerful effects and enhance emotional bonding and physical connection.

When the cervix dilates, the vagina secretes oxytocin, which causes the uterus to contract more forcefully during labor. Nipple stimulation triggers oxytocin release, which aids in the "letting down" of milk, making it an essential component of lactation. Research has found that oxytocin contributes to the deep connection between mothers and their babies.

The results of one clinical trial showed that oxytocin therapy:

  • Boosts the sex experience.
  • Increases happiness after sex.
  • Male volunteers who had been given oxytocin reported more sexual satisfaction following climactic encounters.
  • Treatment with oxytocin resulted in a more tranquil state of mind, according to the female participants.
  • In terms of communicating sexual urges, all sexes reported improvement.
  • The ability to empathize with one's spouse was a trait demonstrated and cultivated by both sexes.

The Happiness Hormone

Your Oxytocin Therapy

Sublingual (under the tongue) compounded oxytocin will be prescribed for your first session. Couples can take Oxytocin separately or together, during the Oxytocin Therapy. This can also be combined with sexual performance enhancing drugs like Viagra for an even better experience.

Oxytocin Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

When we check your levels of Oxytocin and make changes to help, you feel better. Oxytocin is a hormone that is naturally made by the brain. In the past, it has been mostly linked to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Modern research has shown that men and women make Oxytocin, which is vital for social confidence and sexual pleasure.

Some people may have low oxytocin levels for a variety of reasons, such as because of their genes or their environment.

Oxytocin, a peptide made by the pituitary gland, is now used to treat erectile dysfunction. Studies show that it makes both men and women feel more sexual pleasure and closeness.

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