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Recapture a More Youthful Appearance with Dysport

Frown lines bringing you down? Don't settle for a tired look. Begin Anew Med Spa in Jupiter, FL, offers Dysport, a powerful injectable neurotoxin treatment that smooths wrinkles, lifts brows, and restores a refreshed, youthful appearance. This non-surgical solution delivers natural-looking results quickly, so you can look and feel your best.

Dysport at Begin Anew

At Begin Anew Med Spa in Jupiter Dysport injections are administered by our highly skilled and experienced aesthetic specialists. Our team of specialists boasts extensive knowledge and training in cosmetic injectables, ensuring you receive the safest and most effective treatment possible. We understand the importance of personalized care, and we'll work closely with you to create a treatment plan specifically designed to address your unique concerns and help you achieve your desired results.

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What is Dysport?

Dysport is a purified protein, a type of neuromodulator (similar to Botox), known scientifically as abobotulinumtoxinA. When injected into targeted facial muscles, Dysport temporarily relaxes them, smoothing out frown lines and wrinkles for a refreshed appearance.

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Dysport Benefits

Dysport offers a multitude of benefits for those seeking a non-surgical solution to combat the signs of aging:

  • Reduced Frown Lines and Wrinkles: Say goodbye to those deep lines that furrow your brow. Dysport effectively minimizes frown lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a more relaxed and youthful appearance.
  • Enhanced Confidence: When you look your best, you feel your best. Dysport can boost your confidence by diminishing visible signs of aging, allowing you to radiate a more positive and youthful energy.
  • Non-Surgical Solution: Unlike surgery, Dysport offer a safe and effective alternative for achieving smoother skin. The procedure is minimally invasive and requires minimal downtime.
  • Quick Results: Experience the Dysport difference - and quickly! You can expect to see a noticeable improvement in your frown lines within a few days, with full effects taking hold within two weeks.
  • Long-lasting Effects: Enjoy the benefits for several months. The results typically last three to four months, allowing you to experience a sustained improvement in your appearance.

Dysport Candidates

Dysport is a fantastic option for individuals struggling with moderate to severe frown lines. It's particularly well-suited for those seeking a non-surgical solution to achieve a smoother, more youthful appearance. However, these injections may not be suitable for everyone. During your consultation, we will discuss any potential contraindications, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, or certain neurological conditions.

Botox patients who feel this injectable is no longer working as well as it once did for them are also a perfect candidate for Dysport. At times your body may get used to a certain formulation, and you may find more effectiveness and longevity by switching to a different neurotoxin. This is how many of our patients discover Dysport, and totally fall in love with it! To find out if you may be a candidate for Dysport, contact us today for a consultation.

Consultation and Preparation

The first step before receiving Dysport Jupiter patients need to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our aesthetic specialists. During this complimentary consultation, our patients can expect:

  • In-depth Discussion: Our specialist will take the time to understand your aesthetic goals and concerns. They'll inquire about your desired outcome, past cosmetic procedures (if any), and medical history.
  • Facial Assessment: The specialist will carefully examine your facial anatomy, focusing on the areas where you wish to see improvement. This assessment helps determine the optimal injection sites and dosage for your unique needs.
  • Treatment Plan Creation: Based on your discussion and facial assessment, our specialist will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to achieve your desired results. They'll explain the procedure, answer any questions you may have, and discuss potential risks and side effects.
  • Preparation Guidance: There's no extensive prep required for the injection. However, we recommend coming prepared to discuss your medical history and any medications you're currently taking. It's also helpful to avoid blood thinners like aspirin or ibuprofen for a few days before treatment to minimize bruising.


The Dysport procedure itself is a quick and relatively painless experience. If topical numbing is needed, we ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes early for your appointment. Most patients find this injectable treatment completely comfortable since the needle is very tiny. Your aesthetics practitioner will precisely inject Dysport into the targeted muscles. The entire procedure typically takes less than 30 minutes, making it a convenient option for busy individuals. This is known as a “lunchtime” treatment because you can get it done during your lunch and return to your regularly scheduled activities with no downtime.

Aftercare, Recovery, and Results

The beauty of Dysport lies in its rapid results. You can expect to see a noticeable improvement in your frown lines within a few days, with full effects taking hold within two weeks. Recovery is a breeze; there's minimal downtime associated with Dysport. Following your treatment, we will provide specific aftercare instructions, which may include avoiding strenuous activity or rubbing the treated area. To maintain your youthful results, follow-up treatments are typically recommended every three to four months.

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Ready to say goodbye to frown lines and hello to a refreshed, youthful you? Schedule your complimentary Dysport consultation at Begin Anew Med Spa in Jupiter, FL, today! Our experienced aesthetic specialists are eager to discuss your goals and create a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve the look you desire.

Call us at (561) 781-3578 or fill out our online form to schedule your consultation. Don't wait to experience the transformative power of Dysport!

Why Choose Begin Anew?

At Begin Anew Med Spa in Jupiter, FL, we combine expertise with personalized care. Our highly trained aesthetic specialists utilize the latest technology to create customized Dysport treatment plans that address your unique concerns. We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction throughout your journey, ensuring a safe and positive experience that leaves you looking and feeling your best.

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Dysport Frequently Asked Questions

Though results can vary, over half of users see improvement in moderate to severe frown lines between the brows within two to three days, with full results after two weeks.

One of the best benefits is the quick and effective results. Depending on your specific treatment area, body chemistry and lifestyle, the effects of your injection will last about three or four months. Individual results will vary.

To maintain your smooth appearance, follow-up Dysport treatments are usually recommended every three to four months.

The cost of Dysport varies depending on the number of units needed and the treatment area. We can provide a personalized treatment protocol during your consultation.

Dysport is a non-surgical procedure with minimal downtime. Driving yourself home shouldn't be an issue.

The formulations of both injectables differ significantly in terms of their properties. Dysport is more diluted and has a quick spread, which makes it activate faster than Botox. Therefore, it is an ideal product for larger facial areas such as the forehead. On the other hand, Botox is considered to be much more potent, making it perfect for smaller areas with stronger muscles and for treating recurring wrinkles like Crow's feet in areas with a lot of facial movement.

In most cases, these two products can be used interchangeably based on the patient's preference, skin goals, body chemistry, and the recommended treatment plan designed by your aesthetics expert. In fact, we often recommend that patients switch their neurotoxin as often as needed if the effects begin to last a shorter amount of time each treatment, or you need a significant amount more units to achieve your goals.

While generally well-tolerated, Dysport can cause temporary side effects like injection site redness, swelling, or bruising. In rare cases, more serious side effects can occur. During your consultation, we'll discuss these in detail. Understand that the risks are very rare, and most patients have no side effects.

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“I had a photofacial and chemical peel with Ashley last week. She was professional and knowledgeable and communicated everything she was doing along each step of the process. My results are fabulous.”

–Ingrid B., Jupiter, FL, medspa patient.

“I got laser on my bikini and armpits, and the results are so good! Love this place. Definitely recommend to everyone.”

–Alexandra F., Jupiter, FL, laser hair removal patient.

“I did the Prolon cleansing fast, and it helped me tremendously jump start getting myself back to eating a clean, healthy diet.”

–Anya R., Jupiter, FL, wellness patient.

“I love, love, love this place! The office is beautiful, calming, and very clean. The equipment was very modern, and everyone was so knowledgeable that I felt confident that I would be taken care of...”

–Maree M., Jupiter, FL, medspa patient.

“I can’t rave enough about how fantastic I am feeling and looking after being on a peptide therapy regimen from Begin Anew Med Spa. …”

–Frances U., Jupiter, FL, peptide therapy patient.

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