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Optimal Wellness Program

Imagine waking up every day feeling like the best possible version of yourself. Our comprehensive total body wellness program will help optimize your health, amplify your performance, boost your brain power and balance your mood, no matter what your age or stage of life. We customize this program specifically for you based on your current health, symptoms, diagnostic lab data, and wellness goals. With our unique and personalized approach, we are confident we can help you finally achieve your optimal health so that you feel, look and perform better than you ever thought possible.

Our Program benefits include:


Increased Energy

Weight Loss
Lean Muscle Gain
Improved Memory
Amplified Performance
Improved Sexual Health
Better Sleep
Balanced Moods
Increased Bone Strength
More Youthful Looking Skin
Disease Prevention
Our Optimal Wellness

Program includes:

Specialized Testing
The first step in your wellness journey begins with your bloodwork. Our advanced tests measure over 100 markers including cardiovascular, hormonal, metabolic, complete thyroid, adrenal, reproductive, inflammation, liver and kidney, nutrient levels, heavy metals, allergy and food sensitivities, and more. This test helps our medical team quickly and effectively identify the root cause of any underlying conditions and alerts us about warning signs for age-related diseases.
InBody Composition Test
In just a few minutes, find out your total body fat, muscle weight and water composition with precise accuracy.
Practitioner Review
Once we receive your test results, your doctor will closely review them. You will meet with one of our expert practitioners to discuss the findings in detail with you, go over any symptoms you may be experiencing, and share our recommended treatment plan.
Nutrition & Weight Management
Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight has dramatic effects on your overall health and wellbeing. We offer personal nutrition counseling and medical weight loss solutions when needed, all overseen by our medical team and nutrition experts.
Total Body Treatment Options
Your doctor and practitioner will create a specialized treatment plan specifically for you based on your test results, current health and wellness goals. With over XXX services, we are dedicated to helping each patient identify and treat their root causes and optimize their health, boost their performance and improve their state of mind.
Progress Tracking
Your practitioner will schedule follow up consultations and testing when needed to help track your results and make any adjustments your treatment plan. Rest assured, we want you to keep feeling better and better, and we will be with you every step of the way throughout your wellness journey.
Telehealth Platform
We are always here for you. Our medical team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have or to prescribe treatments.
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Why Choose Us

At Begin Anew, we believe that preventative and functional medicine is the future. Our patient-focused, individualized approach treats the body as an integrated system. Instead of simply addressing your symptoms, we are determined to get to the root cause of your health and wellness concerns. The result? Long-term health benefits that keep you feeling, looking and performing your absolute best – today, and for many years to come.

Highly experienced medical team
Led by our Medical Director Tina Discepola, MD, our medical team is second to none in South Florida. With three doctors on staff, and four functional medicine experts, we offer the highest level of expertise and patient care.
Specialized Diagnostic Testing
We are proud to offer the most extensive bloodwork panel in the industry. Our advanced and fully comprehensive testing covers all your overall health markers to your hormones, nutrient levels, food sensitivities and beyond. No other wellness practice offers the level of advanced testing that we do.
Total Body Solutions
With over XXX services for improving total body health plus a wide range of the most advanced aesthetic treatment solutions available, we provide our patients with the highest level of personalized care. If we offer it, you can be sure the treatment or service has been rigorously tested by our expert team for safety and efficacy. 
24/7 Patient Care
Our medical team is always here to answer any questions you may have, schedule follow up consultations or bloodwork, or prescribe treatments as needed.

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Why Choose Us

We are excited to get to know you! As South Florida’s leading luxury medspa, our mission is to help patients reverse the effects of age from the inside out.

Our medical team is second to none in the industry. From our experienced aesthetics practitioners and master injectors to our prestigious medical and functional medicine experts, you can be confident that you are receiving the very best care, and achieving the most beautiful results.

Take a minute to get to know our services. Whether you are looking for complexion perfecting, skin tightening, facial enhancements or body contouring — if we offer it, you can be sure it has been tested by our team for safety and efficacy.

We are also experts in total body wellness and dedicated to helping you look and feel healthier, younger, and more confident at any age. Our advanced testing and personalized anti-aging solutions will help you live better today, and prevent disease in the future.

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