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Gut Health

You may have heard about the importance of gut health and the massive impact that your microbiome has on your overall health and wellbeing. This complex system is home to trillions of cells that do everything from helping with digestion and getting your body the nutrients it needs to function at its best, to repelling foreign invaders like viruses, bacteria and parasites. In fact, did you know that 80% of your immune system is located in your gut?

You may currently be dealing with symptoms that you have no idea are actually linked to your gut health. Issues like fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, skin rashes or eczema, or acne often clear up when you clean up your gut. However, improving gut health and strengthening intestinal permeability is a highly individualized process that may require specialized testing and several different treatment solutions.

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Why Choose Begin Anew for Gut Health Treatments

At Begin Anew, our doctors and medical practitioners are functional medicine experts. We know how critically important gut health is, and consider this to be at the core of integrative medicine. We have many different advanced modalities for assessing and improving gut health. If you have otherwise unexplained symptoms, or just don’t feel like yourself, a leaky gut, or gut related health issues is likely the culprit.

Specialized Testing

We are proud to offer the latest, most advanced and in-depth testing available to assess gut health and identify leaky gut. From our Optimal Wellness Panel, to our food sensitivities testing, to highly specialized testing from partner labs that are experts in the microbiome, we are typically able to get to the root cause of your issues quickly and effectively, so you can begin healing.

Nutrient Therapy

When you have gut health issues like leaky gut, your body isn’t able to properly absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The result? You feel tired, stressed, sick and run down, and your overall health and immunity continues to decline. This is why a gut health treatment plan always includes nutraceutical support.

We offer targeted supplements designed to heal and repair the gut, in addition to treatment solutions that deliver the nutrition you need directly to the cells to help you feel better, faster. After identifying precisely which nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body is lacking using our specialized testing, Nutrient IV therapy and Nutrient Injections infuse your cells with 100% of this vital nutrition. IV and injection therapy bypass the gut altogether, making them the most bioavailable (and therefore highest effective) forms of supplementation.

Nutritional Counseling

Certain food triggers like gluten, dairy, artificial ingredients and toxins can wreak havoc on your gut health. Our microbiome support program also includes nutritional counseling, to help teach you how to clean up your diet, and support your body with nutritious, anti-inflammatory foods. We know that food is medicine, and that eating the right foods for you can quickly get you on the path to healing, and feeling better than you ever thought possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if I have leaky gut?

Specialized testing can let us know if you have leaky gut. For example, in a food sensitivities test, if you are reacting to a number of foods — even at a low level — that is an indicator. If you are dealing with otherwise unexplained symptoms like anxiety, brain fog, skin issues, fatigue, and low immunity, leaky gut is likely the cause.

How do I fix a leaky gut?

While treating leaky gut is a highly individualized process, and every person’s body chemistry is different, most people can make great progress in reversing this condition by eliminating inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, grains, corn, soy and alcohol from their diet. Stress is also a major factor, and underlying infections. This is why it’s so important to work with a functional medicine doctor who can help identify the root causes of your gut health issues.

If I have crohn’s disease, IBS or colitis, is that the same as having leaky gut?

These gastrointestinal issues can cause similar symptoms, but are not the same as having leaky gut. Most GI issues can be improved by following a gut health treatment plan, however each condition has its own unique protocol. It’s important to work directly with a dedicated and knowledgeable doctor to correctly diagnose and treat your specific gut health and GI issues.

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