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Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Did you know that the supplement industry is mostly unregulated? Many of the vitamin products available in retail, drug and grocery stores contain 90% fillers and added ingredients, and only a small portion of the nutrients and vitamins they claim. Pharmaceutical grade vitamins are different. These are specially formulated and meticulously tested to be the highest quality, and most bioavailable supplements available. They are created with your body in mind, so you are able to absorb a higher percentage of the nutrients. Pharmaceutical grade supplements are pure, safe, and effective — with no fillers, binders, preservatives, dyes or additives.

So why do you need supplements in the first place? Even if you eat a healthy diet, you are likely not absorbing the optimal amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to look, feel and function at its best. On a daily basis we deal with numerous environmental and internal factors that can affect how and if we absorb these essential nutrients. Gut health plays a major role, and this can be affected by the toxins in the air we breathe, stress, our lifestyle choices, the food we eat and environments we live in. This is why most patients can benefit from a targeted and personalized nutraceutical treatment plan.

At Begin Anew, we only offer the highest quality nutraceutical treatments that have been tested and approved for safety and effectiveness by our expert medical team.


For over 25 years, XymoGen has been producing targeted nutraceutical supplement solutions for licensed healthcare practitioners and their patients. They are passionate about quality, and helping their customers achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness. As a family-owned health sciences company, Xymogen puts strict research and testing protocols in place to ensure the safety and potency of their formulas. Their dedication to sourcing superior raw materials, strenuous testing, efficient production, and complete transparency at every step of the process make Xymogen our doctors’ most recommended supplement line. With hundreds of products and formulations available to address a wide range of deficiencies, needs and concerns, we are able to fully customize a nutraceutical treatment plan for each patient.

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Why Purchase Your Nutraceutical Supplements at Begin Anew?

At Begin Anew, our doctors and medical practitioners are all integrative medicine experts, and understand how important it is to maintain certain vitamin, nutrient and mineral levels in the body. Some of these are absolutely critical to your long-term health. Often, low levels of certain vitamins can be the root cause of many issues and symptoms you may be experiencing. Our Optimal Wellness Panel tests for over 100 health markers, including nutrient, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which you can often correct and optimize easily with a personal nutraceutical treatment plan that can include nutrient IV’s, injections and supplements. We also offer deeper level micronutrient testing, if needed.

When sourcing the best nutraceutical supplements to offer our patients, we work directly with — and only with — certified labs and companies we trust. We prescribe the highest quality, rigorously tested pharmaceutical grade products available, and continue to test and measure to ensure their effectiveness. You will likely be amazed at how much better you feel when you take — and are able to properly absorb — high quality, pharmaceutical-grade nutraceutical supplements.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are pharmaceutical grade supplements better than vitamins I can buy at the drugstore?

Most drugstores sell vitamins produced by huge corporations. Because the supplement industry is minimally regulated, their products are often full of added ingredients and fillers, and only contain a small percentage of the nutrient they are marketing. Pharmaceutical grade vitamins are produced in smaller batches, and rigorously tested by third party labs for quality and purity. They don’t have any dangerous or unnecessary added ingredients, and always contain high levels of the nutrients they claim. They are also formulated by expert chemists to be better absorbed by the body.

Are pharmaceutical grade vitamins really worth it?

As with most things, you get what you pay for. For many reasons, pharmaceutical grade vitamins are far superior to lower cost vitamins you can find at regular retail, drug and grocery stores. They are high quality, with higher percentages of essential nutrients. What you see on the label and in their marketing is what you get, because these products have been stringently tested to ensure quality, purity, safety and effectiveness. While pharmaceutical grade supplements may seem like a higher cost up front, their benefits and value make them the best — and healthiest — choice.

Why do I need to take vitamins?

Even people who eat healthy, plant-based diets can be nutrient deficient. And often, people already taking supplements can still be low in important vitamin levels. This is due to an overwhelming amount of toxins and stressors in our everyday lives, which leads to gut health problems and malabsorption. A targeted and personalized nutraceutical supplement plan can address and correct these deficiencies, and it all starts with the Optimal Wellness Panel. Our advanced diagnostic blood test measures over 100 health markers, including vitamin, nutrient and mineral levels. This important test will let your doctor know which nutrient levels need to be optimized, so we can recommend the exact supplements that your body requires.

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