UltraShape Power

Tired of endless workouts that don’t give you the results you’ve worked so hard for? Sick of diets that claim to help you shed the last 10 pounds, but never seem to deliver? Discover UltraShape® Power, the new fat blaster technology designed to safely and permanently remove stubborn fat so you can finally have the perfectly shaped figure of your dreams.

What Is Ultrashape® Power?

Delivered through ultrasound technology, UltraShape® Power is a quick and painless procedure that eradicates hard-to-treat fat in as little as 30 minutes per area. With UltraShape, our laser technicians eliminate your last few inches in stubborn areas including your waist, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

Selectively targeting fat cells, the ultrasound energy works just below the surface of your skin. Without risk to healthy tissues surrounding the fat, it stimulates your body’s natural fat-burning process to destroy unwanted fat cells. A truly comfortable, walk-in, walk-out procedure, UltraShape is non-invasive with no downtime.

What to Expect with Ultrashape Power

A 100% no-invasive body contouring technique, UltraShape is FDA-cleared, so you can rest assured that your treatment is safe. Since there is no downtime after the procedure, you can walk out after your short treatment session and resume regular activities. After just one treatment, you may have noticeable results. In as little as three visits, you can expect permanent results including a perfectly sculpted, slim and natural looking figure.

UltraShape Power, the Gold Standard in Body Contouring in Jupiter

Sometimes, endless workouts and a healthy diet just aren’t enough. UltraShape Power is the safe and gentle way to permanently reduce stubborn stored fat and lose inches all over the body. Finally, spot reduction is possible in the abdomen, love handles and thighs. Contact us today to see what UltraShape Power can do for you!

Before and After Treatments