Tattoo Removal Jupiter

You may have regrets about getting that tattoo on your back after a hard night out on the town 20 years ago. But you can fix that decision now with tattoo removal at Begin Anew Medical Spa in Jupiter, FL.

Begin Anew uses the PiQo4 laser to remove tattoos as well as other skin conditions, such as:

  • Age Spots
  • Birth Marks
  • Melasma
  • Vascular Lesions

Tattoo Removal In Jupiter, FL

If you’re in another stage of life where your tattoo doesn’t serve you anymore, or you want your tattoo artist to freshen up a fading one, the PiQo4 laser treatment is what you need.

Since tattoo removal can be painful, we provide you with nitrous oxide or a cooling treatment using our Zimmer cooling device.

The PiQo4 only targets the tattoo—not the parts of your skin where there’s no body art. PiQo4 laser treatment breaks down all standard tattoo colors, including the stubborn hues of turquoise and yellow. Additionally, the laser targets both small and large tattoo particles.

Tattoo Removal Jupiter

Benefits of using PiQo4 laser treatment for Tattoo Removal in Jupiter, FL

  • It provides the best color clearance of any laser.

  • There is less ghosting as your tattoo fades.

  • You will receive better tattoo removal results.

What You Can Expect After Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment!

  • Swelling at the tattoo site.

  • Mild redness.

  • Frosting.

  • Blistering or crusting over as your body absorbs the colors.

You’ll need additional laser treatment sessions if you have detailed body art or your tattoo artist used turquoise and yellow. Every tattoo is different, and your body’s reaction to laser treatment is unique as well

If you have a histamine reaction to the dissolving ink in your body, you may have some pigmentation at the site. If that happens, our medical spa provides PiQo4 laser treatment to remove pigmentation as well.

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Next Steps for Tattoo Removal Jupiter, FL

At Begin Anew Medical Spa, we’re your one source for all of your medical spa needs. If you’re ready to fix that wrong decision of getting a tattoo when you were younger, you need Begin Anew Medical Spa’s tattoo removal with PiQo4 laser treatments

All of Begin Anew’s procedures are overseen by a double-certified board plastic surgeon. Make your tattoo removal appointment today by calling us at 561-781-3578 or filling out our contact form.