Optimal Wellness Program

Optimize your health, amplify your performance, boost your brain power and improve gut health. Our comprehensive total body wellness program is customized specifically for you based on your health, symptoms, and your wellness goals. Our advanced and comprehensive testing and evaluation identifies exactly what needs to be addressed to help you achieve your optimal health at every stage of life.

Our Program includes:

Specialized testing

Our advanced diagnostic blood tests measure your cardiovascular, hormonal, metabolic, gut, thyroid, inflammation, nutrient levels and much more. Our medical team understands that everything in the body functions best when levels are within an “optimal” range. We test more than 50 biomarkers to identify and properly treat the root causes of any symptoms you may be experiencing.

InBody Composition Test

In just a few minutes, check your total body fat, muscle weight and water composition.

Practitioner Review

Once we receive your bloodwork and the results of our testing, our medical team will review it and evaluate findings in detail and discuss the recommended customized treatment plan.

Nutrition & Weight Management 

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight has dramatic effects on your overall health.  Personal nutrition counseling and medical weight loss solutions are available if needed.

Telehealth Platform

Our medical team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have or prescribe treatments.

Progress Tracking

Our team will be with you every step of the way to help track your results, retest and adjust your treatment if and whenever necessary.