Get Ready for Summer with Laser Hair Removal in Jupiter!

Spring is here and summer is soon to follow, but is your skin ready? At Begin Anew, formerly Begin Anew, we know that the last thing anyone wants to do during the beautiful days of summer is waste their time shaving. Unwanted body hair can put a real damper on your summer plans. Instead of spending your summer shaving, it’s time to check out laser hair removal in Jupiter. With laser hair removal and other services, you can skip the shaving and drop the cover-up. Wondering if laser hair removal is right for you? We’re here to help you understand your best hair removal options.

These days, laser hair removal is easier, safer and more comfortable than ever before. It works on dark hairs, light hairs and hairs of varying thicknesses. We’re happy to offer our laser hair removal in Jupiter for patients of all skin types with varying complexions, meaning there’s a laser hair removal procedure that’s right for you. At Begin Anew, formerly Begin Anew, we use the FDA approved Candela GentleMax Pro Laser, delivering comfort, ease and optimal results for laser hair removal procedures.

How does laser hair removal in Jupiter work? Intense pulses of light are administered over the skin, but the skin is not affected. Instead, these pulses of light only affect the hair follicles you’re looking to treat. The follicles are zapped, preventing regrowth. For darker or thicker hairs, you may need to visit us for several laser hair removal sessions to ensure all the desired hair has been treated. Following these procedures, you’ll be able to toss away your razor once and for all!

Imagine being beach ready without having to stop to shave! Our laser hair removal in Jupiter is great for the legs, arms, bikini line and even unwanted facial hair. Combined with other services such as our laser acne treatments in Jupiter, you’ll be ready for summer in no time!

There’s no need to put up with unwanted hair this summer. Our team at Begin Anew is here to help you make the most of the sunshine without unwanted hair getting in the way. If you’re ready to break up with your razor and say goodbye to waxing, it’s time to visit our studio for the best laser hair removal in Jupiter. Give us a call at (561) 781-3578 to book your consultation!